Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you getting a salesman or a technician in your home?

It sure feels cold inside! I don't think the heat is working. I guess I should call a HVAC repairman. But what if a salesman showed up instead. How would you feel? Would you be confident that the "salesman" would listen to your problem and look for the best and most cost efficient solution? Well did you know that most HVAC contractors have gone to a commission based pay for their employees. That basically means that if the technician doesn't sell you a new bill of goods then his income is going to be a little short. In this economy I'm sure most people would like a repair to take place verses someone selling them a new furnace or a/c unit. Make sure the contractor you call pays his employees and hourly rate and not commission so that you can be sure that the service technician doesn't have motives different than yours.